When Will be The Holy Month Ramadan 2021 is Starting?

The month of Ramadan 2021 is expected to start from April 13. in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and some other Asian countries. However, Ramadan 2021 is likely to begin on April 12 in the United Kingdom, USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and many of the Middle Eastern countries. The Islamic calendar is also based on 12 months […]

Al Quran Online Academy Teaching Services

Online Quran Teaching Services As a Muslim, it is the core responsibility of every person to learn the Holy Book with tajweed. But due to the hectic schedule in this modern age, many of us can’t extract time out of their busy obligations. It is a big deal for them to go out for learning […]

Learn Quran Online In Effective Way With Al Quran Online Academy

Our Al Quran Online Academy is the best Online Quran Learning institution for both beginners and advanced learners. We offer a variety of courses to Muslims all over the world at an affordable price.  You can also join our free trial classes for Al Quran learning. We offer you the services of live Quran Teachers. learn the […]

Inspirational Quranic Verses and Quotes In English, Urdu And Arabic

The holy book Quran (Koran Karim) is most essential spiritual book of Islam religious belief and for Muslim community. Holy Quran is a book of Guidance. The Quran was provided to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Quran contains 114 Chapters called Surah. Today I am sharing a collection of inspirational Islamic quotes and verses from the Quran in English. These […]

Easy to Start the Holy Quran with Al Quran Online Academy

Learning and Online Quran Teaching is compulsory for all Muslims. Teach Quran is in the Arabic language which is 5th biggest language spoken in the whole world. Learning Quran is the Islamic Holy scripture that contains the words of Allah. Since Quran was revealed upon our final Prophet  Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), in the Arabic language. Not only […]